James Michael Wheatley

Application Developer


My name is James Michael Wheatley. I'm an application developer focusing on mid to front end development. My work experience has revolved around the HTML, CSS, JS trio, as well as some MVC and C# work. There has been some light SQL work and data access via EF, and ADO mixed in there as well. If pressed, I would claim my proficiency tends to grow the closer to the front end technologies you get.


My resume as of 7/02/2014




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If you like you may also use one of my older, server based sites to send me a message right from a webpage.

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Legacy Sites

There have been a couple of other iterations of my website that may be worth taking a look at. I make no promises about the integrity of their links now that they have been moved, but the basic function remains

Pinwheel Site (MVC3)

The pinwheel site is a bit demanding. Aside from the need for CSS animation support (IE10+) there are numerous large image files to render the scene for large screen resolutions. This is actually what makes it worth talking about. Despite all the large image files, it has a mobile conscience. The CSS was done in a way that prevents the downloading of the high resolution images unless they are needed, so the only one's downloading 1080p quality images are 1080p users.

Pinwheel Site

First public site (ASP Webforms)

This was my first(ish) website. I was still doing a lot of learning, and leaning pretty hard on jQuery to do the fun stuff. These days I prefer to lean on the native ways when adoption rates aren't important.

ASP Site